A Layman’s Guide to Revelation is a compilation of renowned expositors with different interpretive views of eschatology. The book guides its readers into an in depth study of the Revelation using the critical analysis of commentators of the past to help the reader better understand the present times and God’s plan for the future. The guide defines key words in the Greek translation, and explains the symbolic use of numbers, colors and the foreshadowing of crucial aspects of Israel’s history which will aid in deciphering the visions given to the apostle. The guide further explains the types and use of the Old Testament prophets. By understanding the Old Testament Scriptures the student will better appreciate the background of the language and the Hebraic symbolism used in Revelation. The guide also sheds light on the use of foreshadowing of past empires used in the Old Testament that will further aid in the interpretation of the future and the end-times that we are assuredly apart. The guide takes the reader verse by verse; chapter by chapter through the commentators interpretive views so they can study at their own pace and arrive at their own conclusions. The book also includes a commentary by the author that offers his own insights into Revelation that will surely be of use to those who look to God’s word to better understand the times we live.

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